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Meet your scooter

The DAV-enabled scooter

Rapid Charging

Your scooter spends less time being charged and more time generating revenue.

Loyalty Program

Only scooters on the DAV network benefit from a built-in loyalty rewards program for your riders using DAV tokens!


The rugged construction of your scooter makes it more resilient to rough handling and use on your city streets.


Balancing on your scooter is easy, with a ride that is sure to be appealing to your customers.

Create Your Fleet

Build out your scooter fleet to whatever you’re comfortable managing, and enjoy the benefits of running your own business in the shared economy!

Battery Endurance

Your scooter sports a long-lasting battery which, coupled with rapid charging, means more availability to your customers.

How does it work?

Purchase one or more DAV-Compatible scooters.

Connect your scooters to the DAV network.

Deploy your scooters in a “hot” area in your city.

Each ride earns you revenue and we will help you optimize your scooter business.

Collect your scooters to charge and re-distribute them for the next day of revenues.

Calculate your potential earnings

How many scooters?
How many rides per day?
Estimated Income:

$189,900 / Year

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* Based on average prices in North America. Income may vary between countries.

& Features

  • We help you manage your scooter fleet and optimize your revenues.
  • Machine learning algorithms use data from our global network to help you target “hot” areas in your city.
  • Payment processing, payouts, refunds, and fraud protection are handled for you!


We bring value to





Users can purchase DAV compatible e-scooters and become DAV Scooter owners. These smart vehicles are added to the DAV Network and become available for rent by riders. Owners get paid for every single ride their scooters complete.

*Based on North America average prices, which may vary in each county.
The ONLY fee we charge is a 20% network fee, for the use of the DAV smart platform enabling you to rent your vehicles to riders in your city. We also take care of the billing, technical customer support, vehicles sim card cost, app development & upgrades and much more.
DAV compatible e-scooters will be available for sale in Q1, 2019.
The DAV app will be made available for download during our soft launch in Q1, 2019. Full deployment of the DAV app along with DAV's compatibilty with e-scooters will be ready in Q2, 2019, which will include an initial launch of DAV scooters in 3 global cities.
DAV scooter owners are responsible for the overall maintenance of their vehicles. We do however offer online support including detailed instructional videos on our website and social media channels. DAV-compatible scooters are meant to be sturdy and simple to maintain, so you should only need basic technical skills to keep them in good shape.
We offer you the chance to join one of the fastest-growing trends in the global smart mobility industry, without going through the trouble of developing your own app and acquiring your own pool of users. To become a DAV scooter owner you simply need to buy one or more DAV compatible scooters, connect them to the DAV Network, and you will be ready to rent out your ride and start earning revenue.
DAV is different because through DAV, you are not just the rider, but you can be the e-scooter owner. Our platform and app make it easy for you to rent your scooters to other riders!
Unlike any other scooter-sharing company, we are the first and only community-driven company that brings a shared economy solution to the micro-mobility arena. We empower our communities by providing them with the technology to build and grow their own independent smart transportation network and reap its rewards. When using DAV, each local community, partner and shop can keep growing their business the way they see fit.
The best way to reach us is by filling in your details in our Contact us form and we will be in touch.

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